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Skin care is my true passion  I have spent over thirty years working in the medical and beauty...

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Welcome to Skin Firm by: Carol O'connell

The reason I chose to create Skin Firm is that skincare is my true passion, and I feel I have the knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm to make people look and feel their best. With a video-conference, I will analyze the clients’ skin, review medical history and lifestyle, to help them understand what services, home-care products, and type of spa or medical facility would be the best choice for them to obtain their skincare goals. There are many medical spa services available these days, which can be very overwhelming; I will help clients understand what these services entail and guide them to the best options and facilities for their personalized needs.

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A Beginners Guide to Skin Peels

A Beginners Guide to Skin Peels

Why is it that when an esthetician mentions a peel to a client, they immediately get that totally alarmed look on their face? We have all seen the effects of a peel that looks downright frightening; most people instantly think of the famous episode of Sex and the City...

Aging Skin and the Journey of Taking Care of Ourselves

Aging Skin and the Journey of Taking Care of Ourselves

When it comes to aging most of us have that desire to take the journey back to the way we looked 20 years ago. As a Master Aesthetician, when I’m consulting with clients, the first thing they typically do is pull the side of their cheeks back and say, “I want to look...

Virtual Skin Care COnsultations and beauty blog by Carol O'Connell

Thank you for visiting Skin Firm. Not only will I be offering skin care consultations through my website, but I will also be sharing my beauty and skin care expertise with the Skin Firm community through my blog. I will regularly be updating with informative articles that will help you achieve your personal skin care goals and learn more about the ever-growing beauty industry.

Skin Firm

BY: Carol O'Connell 

Carol O’Connell has worked in the medical and beauty industries for over 30 years. She built a successful Medical Spa business from the ground up, servicing thousands of clients over 14 years.  She holds certifications and credentials in numerous areas of Aesthetics. Carol is passionate about helping people look and feel like their best selves.